Our Story

We Pride Ourselves On Being Wild

Based in the stunning Marlborough region, Premium Game has earned a reputation as New Zealand’s leading supplier of 100% wild game meat which has been harvested and processed in the most natural way.  

Family owned and operated, brothers Darren and Nick Clifford are passionate hunter-gatherers who believe the purest foods in the world are foraged from the wild. Self-confessed foodies who love working with natural ingredients, we share a vision of delivering ‘peak to plate’ food experiences that show respect to the animals we harvest by treating them as a valuable and healthy food resource.  

Premium Game is a fully integrated business controlling all aspects of the supply chain from harvest to dispatch.  We work in partnership with a team of registered hunters to harvest wild game from the high country of New Zealand’s South Island in a humane and stress-free manner. 

Quality You Can trust

Every animal harvested is inspected by AsureQuality prior to processing to ensure it meets the highest global standards in food safety.  Our team of traditionally skilled butchers are highly experienced in the preparation of wild game meat.  They process, pack and deliver award winning game meat that is of superior quality, exceeding the expectations of our customers, from New Zealand’s leading chef’s to home cooks.

Wild Game animals lead a free roaming, high welfare life, they eat a varied and natural diet which results in meat that is healthy, nutrient dense, full of flavour and naturally free from added hormones and antibiotics.  We are proud to deliver truly wild, free-range meat to dining tables across the country – a natural resource which we believe all consumers should have access to. 

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