Gourmet Wild Goat & Wild Pork Pies

Gourmet Wild Goat & Wild Pork Pies


4 x 280g

2 x Spiced Wild Nanny Goat Pies
2 x Honey and Manuka Smoked Wild Pork Pies

GOAT PIE – Wild nanny goat slow cooked in aromatic spices.   Nanny goat has a very mild flavour profile, similar to that of lamb and is one of the most environmentally responsible meats you can eat.

PORK PIE – The West Coast Pie Co teamed up with the good guys at the Glasseye Creek Sauce Co and Kaiota Honey, to bring you what they believe to be their best pie yet! The wild pork is brined, dry rubbed and smoked for up to 8 hours while being basted with a Glasseye Creek and Kaiota Wildflower Honey glaze. Then it’s combined with slow cooked wild pork belly to create a truly wild pie filling.

Every one of the stew batches contains 70% meat flesh, and the pies are filled to the brim, making them on average twice the size of a standard meat pie.

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