Nothing But nature

Having spent a significant part of our lives in the great outdoors we are acutely aware of the damage being caused to New Zealand’s native habitats by growing numbers of wild game.  

We make a valuable contribution to the conservation of New Zealand’s countryside and to biodiversity by working alongside local hunters to control pest numbers in a sustainable and ethical manner that shows respect to the animals by treating them as a valuable food resource.  

We have a ‘nose to tail’ approach, continuous product development is key to ensuring almost zero waste throughout the butchery process. 

Sustainably sourced meat

Feel good about the meat you eat – when you purchase Premium Game you are purchasing meat which has been sustainably sourced. You are contributing to the humane and ethical control of the increasing Wild Game population.  You are purchasing meat from animals that have naturally evolved without the interaction of man, meat which is free from antibiotics and hormones, meat which is healthy, lean, tender, and incredibly tasty!  Better for the animal, environment and you!

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